Friday, June 22, 2018
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We were chartered in July of 1996 as a not-for-profit corporation, named "Raleigh SeniorNet  Learning Center", with funding and equipment provided by Raleigh Community Hospital (now Duke Raleigh Hospital), IBM, and Bell South Corporations. 
In the Summer of 2007, the American Red Cross agreed to be an additional sponsor and in August we moved our Learning Center / classroom to the American Red Cross building on N. Peartree Lane.
During the Summer of 2011, we moved our Learning Center to the Marsh Creek Community Center on New Hope Road.  We also started working with the City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Dept. preparing to move into our new City of Raleigh Senior Center and be the technology training resource for Seniors in the Raleigh area.

In February 2012, we disassociated with the national organization.  Being independent, our name changed to Raleigh SeniorTechEd.

In 2016 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary and since the beginning, we have:

    • formed a not-for-profit corporation, with a Board of Directors and Officers to direct activities.
    • averaged approximately 40 volunteers per year (instructors, tutors and others)
    • offered 3000 courses
    • taught 4500+ students (many students take several courses)
    • averaged 3,800 class student hours per year
    • averaged close to 4,800 volunteer hours per year
As an organization, we're proud of what we've done--and even  more excited about plans for the future!


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