Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Information contained on the Volunteer Access pages pertains to the functions of the Raleigh SeniorTechEd organization and is available only to its volunteers. Access to this part of our website is user id and password protected.

These items may include:

  • notes from our monthly meetings
  • monthly financial statements,
  • work schedules for the lab,
  • special announcements about new software,
  • the Raleigh SeniorTechEd electronic bulletin board - volunteers can send a note to
    the webmaster and the information can be added to the bulletin board for all to access and view.

The user id and password will be made available at the Raleigh SeniorTechEd monthly meeting or by contacting a Raleigh SeniorTechEd officer.





Contact Us

If you have questions about SeniorTechEd or need information not on our website, please contact our administrator. For questions or comments on this website please contact our webmaster.